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Come and join us for our traditional Greek Easter midnight meal

Greeks break the Lenten fast with a light meal after midnight church service. A steaming bowl of egg-lemon soup (avgolemono), made with lamb broth, rice and spring herbs, is the most traditional dish, one made and savored all over Greece, for the Saturday night light feast. The meal is a segue to help ease the way to eating meat and dairy products after the austere 48-day period of abstention. Not every Greek fasts for the full seven weeks of Lent, but many fast for the last week, Holy Week, and the culinary rituals are still upheld on Saturday night. People return home after church with symbolic lighted candles, break crimson-colored hard-boiled eggs, savor their traditional soup, the sweet, egg-rich Easter bread tsoureki, and sometimes nibble on a little bit of roasted lamb and roasted lemon-flavorored potatoes. The next day, Easter Sunday, the real feast begins, and many parts of Greece the feasting lasts for several days after Easter. Come and join us at PYLOS for a taste of tradition.

Happy Easter! Kali Anastasi!

Please call 212 473-0220

Traditional Greek Easter midnight meal ($ 60.00) will be offered from midnight to 1:30 am on Saturday, April 19th 2014

Traditional Greek Easter Midnight Meal

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