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... the buzz about PYLOS

New York Times Frank Bruni Wednesday, December 28, 2005 - Pylos has been put together with considerable care and operates with unusual grace, a conscientious ambassador of Greek.. Click here to read more.

The New York Sun Paul Lukas February 4, 2004 - "(...) PYLOS is the perfect place to escape the cold-weather blues. And for the two hours or so that you're there, you'll find the transformation from East Village to Greek village surprisingly effective."

Paper magazine Food - pm PICKS Julie Besonen December 2003 - "It's chic to eat Greek now that Pylos is here. Far more than a diner, this restaurant is in a lovely setting, yet the food costs far less than the fare at uptown temples like Milos and Molyvos.

On a recent Saturday night the stylish crowd glowed in the soft light, looking as happy and relaxed as they would if they were lounging on Mykonos. The restaurant's design manages to be modern and rustic at the same time, with rough whitewashed walls and an incredible number of clay pots dangling overhead….I've never had such a light, flavorful version, layers of eggplant and ground meat crowned by a béchamel that was almost meringue-like….The all-Greek wine list abounds with crisp whites and mellow reds; the charming servers are able to demystify unfamiliar varieties and regions. The East Village is lucky to have landed such a treasure."

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